He’s not that into you – by sun sign

11 Jul

Ever wanted to know the tell-tale signs of when  a guy is not that into you? When to understand the difference between when he’s proceeding with caution or when he’s lacing his shoes preparing to run for the hills. There could be a big difference  in the way a man send signals that he’s not that into  a woman according to his astrological sun sign. Here are the ways in which men of the particular signs will let you know:

Aries: The Ram loves a challenge, but doesn’t like to lose.  He loves a chase, but he’s no stalker. There’s no guesswork with Aries — he’ll tell you straight out if he’s not interested.

Taurus: The Bull may take a while to step outside his comfort zone and make a move. Patience is a virtue when dating a Taurean male. If he’s not in your garden, kitchen or all over you, you’re not his cup of tea.

Gemini: You couldn’t shut him up on the first date, now nothing — no email, no SMS, no twitter? Well honey, if he ain’t chewing your ear off, you’re not the Twin he’s been looking for.

Cancer: Despite being a cardinal sign, this man is shy. After sharing his hopes for love and marriage, you’re confused when he isn’t making any advances. Forget the gender roles — bust a move, and if he doesn’t respond, he’s not bringing you home to Mother.

Leo: The Lion loves attention and admiration. He likes to buddy up with a bright star, but doesn’t like to be outshined. If you’ve showered him with your undivided attention, made him feel as bright as the Sun himself, and he still hasn’t made you his Queen, maybe he’s just into himself.

Virgo: The annoying trait of nitpicking is how a Virgo shows he cares. If he’s not correcting your speech, letting you know there’s spinach between your teeth, or criticizing you in any other way, he’s just not that into … fixing you.

Libra: He’s charming, romantic, and conversational, but certainly not confrontational. He’ll need a few signals that indicate you’re giving a green light. If he still has the proverbial hand brake on, he’s not bringing you to the ball.

Scorpio: Despite his mysterious rep, it’s all or nothing for the Scorpio man. Helikes to find out what makes you tick before he gets in your pants — and if he isn’t in your pants by then, it’s never gonna happen.

Sagittarius: If your first dates with a Sagittarian male don’t match the textbook description of fun, adventure and excitement, chances are it won’t blossom into romance. You’re just not the horse he’ll ride on into the sunset…

Capricorn: Any self-respecting Capricorn man won’t gush over you, even if he is into you! He’ll date you a few times to see if you measure up to his high standards. If you’re not First Lady potential, he’s not taking you to the White House.

Aquarius: Freedom-loving and distant, the Aquarius man is interested in exploring your mind, not your feelings. If his naturally cool demeanor doesn’t get any warmer, you’re not accompanying him on the Space Shuttle.

Pisces: If the Fish seems miles away, then he probably is. If you’re not feeling his compassionate and emotional side, you’re getting his “I’m slipping into fantasyland because it’s more interesting here” side. Then for sure, you know he’s just not that into you!

Source: Sasstrology.com


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