Always Follow Someone Else’s Dream

12 Jul
Only your path is clear to you

Only your path is clear to you

One of the guarantees of  life is that when you try to succeed at something  your critics will come spilling out of the woodwork. Each with their own opinion or brand of disapproval.The astonishing thing is that most of your critics will unwittingly be your friends and family; the people close to you. Especially if what you decide to do is YOUR passion, something others cannot fathom. There are people right now continually climbing the corporate ladder moving closer to the success they want to portray to the world and further away from their true dreams and desires. Many of these people are financially comfortable and emotionally naked, miserable, living without passion. They have become a product of society, one in which they have lost touch of their most important asset…happiness.

When an individual desires to do something the naysayers will always and continually emerge. A recent article on this very topic grabbed my attention recently.  The story was about a woman who came in for a job interview and admitted that her true passion was not the position she was applying for. In fact, she spoke of her real passion in such detail and intensity that the interviewer was truly inspired by her zeal of what she loved to do. When asked why she did not pursue the dream she fervently desired she stated that other people thought her dream was frivolous and a waste of time.

When has anything every been accomplished by ignoring your passion and living off the opinions of others. No movie “The Pursuit of other people’s happiness” has ever been made.  No self-help book has ever been entitled “Living in the boundaries of other people’s vision.” If Kanye West would have had a different mindset and changed the lyrics to his song to “….Excuse me are you saying something, thanks I’ll take that advice.” he would have never made it to the heights of stardom he achieved.

There is something to be said about desire. Desire can push you to elevated heights.  Friends and families likely mean well when they criticize our actions. Hoping to save us from what they feel is inevitable defeat. Other times the green-eyed monster of envy rears its ugly head in those who hate to see others gain some type of position that they are fearful of attaining or reaching themselves. They go into sabotage mode to divide and conquer you… from your dreams, your passion.

Sit back for a moment and think about the people around you. The  artist, writers, entrpreneurs, the ones with a unique skill or ability.  When was the last time you cheered them on, referred them to a friend or coworker, told them that you believed in them? Challenge yourself  to hold back any negative comments that dash cold water on their dreams. Prevent yourself from laying out the safety net for them to land on when they fail as you anticipated. Be that positive whisper in their that they remember when times get rough or they get frustrated.

There is no instruction booklet for your life. No one can tell you the proper way to live and opinions are about as useless as old house keys, you have them but you don’t live there (and you know the locks are changed). Don’t expect other’s to appreciate your passion, It’s YOURS. They aren’t suppose to understand it. The skill, talent, ability, and art you possess is what makes you special. If you try, and fail, think of it as a learning opportunity to brush yourself off and try again. Whatever the outcome at least you did it on your terms. Not the wishes, opinions and suggestion of others. Get out there and pursue your passion. If done backed by faith, you will succeed.


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