I Need a King for my Queen Size Bed

14 Jul

Funny, I was sitting in my bed thinking about how much I LOVE to spread out across my bed after a hard day. Just me and my luxurious plum and gold colored comforter set. The material is so smooth it just makes me feel like royalty. The color alone signifies a monarchy. One in which I am queen and my lineage are all royal and dignified. Did I mention I was in a QUEEN size bed? How befitting! Hmmm…. Well there is only one problem, there is no king to sit next to on the throne.

Now,searching for a king can be a regular full-time job. Night clubs won’t do. They are full of lonely knights and Robbin’ Hoods (Who steal you heart like a thief in the night, then disappear). What I’m looking for is a thorough bred, straight out of a jockey briefs magazine ad, out-of-the-gym-bodied, top twenty list of handsom guys  in my city making, eyes that melt secret parts of me, flower bringing romantic, putting it DOWN at night, sweet word whispering, Heather Headly “He Is” song muse, prince charming. No… No (checker jump) KING ME… Make that KING CHARMING.

Does he exist?

Hmmm…I had one once. Well actually it was an imaginary man who I created. Something like a fantasy project of mines. I had taken the traits I LOVED from various guys I knew something like:

I LOVE Rod’s talent
I LOVE Earl’s swag
I LOVE Richard’s Intelligence
I LOVE Steve’s Love of fun
I LOVE Lorenz’s Big *ahem* Ego
I LOVE Dontae’s Ambition
I LOVE Mike’s Gorgeous Looks
I LOVE Abdul’s coolness
I LOVE Brandon’s Clout
I Love Chris’ Business sense
I Love Danny’s Friendship
I Love Rome’s sense of humor

Call it delusional if you want but I actually had a relationship with this guy. I would go out with him and he would know exactly what to say. He always told me I looked beautiful and whispered candy lines in my ear. He was so protective over me that he guarded my feelings. Even if he was the one who hurt them. When I told him something wasn’t “sitting well” with me he made sure that we cleared the air. He would not allow me to hurt because my heart was his castle that he guarded by any means necessary. He was a great leader and I allowed him to make important decisions, in turn I would support the path he had chosen for us to travel. The key word for us was RECIPROCAL!! I loved, cared for, and treated him with the same respect, love and caring that he gave to me. Complete Heaven on Earth.

Sadly, I let go of him and settled for the 1/12th of the man that I desired. He was handsome but broke and miserable. His negative energy had me so drained that I had a hard time climbing out of bed in the morning…and I do mean CLIMB. Felt like I need a rehabilitation worker to lift me and teach me how to walk again. When I did find the strength I ran like Flo Jo. Halleluja!!

I recently decided to date my Perfect Man again. He loves my new exercise regime and walks with me in the morning cheering me along the way. He is awesome! He is my everything! I realize that if I picture it, it can be. So, I carry PM with me in my spirit every day. I learn a little more about what makes him tick and what makes him happy with each passing hour. My life continues to be altered a bit by bit as I make physical, emotional, and spiritual room for him. My Queen size bed does have a king, if only in essence. This, right here, is the only royal merger I care about.


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