How to Seduce a Cancer Man

22 Jul

"I love that you're honest and make me feel secure!"

Cancer men are sensitive. You can have him in your claws by doing the following:

A Cancer man is a sensitive, protective soul. In order to seduce him, you’ll need to make him feel safe. Help him lick his wounds and provide a love nest that screams security and he’ll be yours before the sun rises.

Seduce a Cancer man by mothering him. When you care for him in this way, it stirs deep feelings and makes him want to care for you as well. A Cancer man can be the tenderest lover when these feelings are ignited so allow him to smother you!

Indulge his moods and stroke his hair as he confides deep feelings. Be sure you tell him yours for he needs to be needed. Your trust in him can be a seductive elixir. Once he equates you with security and you have given him the insulation he needs from the world, you can seduce him easily.

Source: Sexual Astrology, Image


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