How to Seduce a Gemini Man

22 Jul

"Your fun and intelligent! Let's do this!"

Gemini men are great communicators. Want to commuicate your interest? Keep reading.

A Gemini man is impossible to cling to so if you want to seduce him understand he must be allowed to spread his wings and fly. Gemini men require variety and mental stimulation so you need to seduce his mind. Flirting over the phone, via email or even writing him sexy letters will engage him.

When you plan to seduce a Gemini man, keep it light. No heavy emotions and no mention of commitment, thank you very much. Be fun, stimulating and don’t be afraid to try something new in bed or at least talk about being willing to try something new. Variety is the key to seducing this man for the long haul but if you ever tell him you intend on a long haul, he’ll fly away.

Laugh at his jokes, make him feel like the cleverest, witty man around and if he walks away to talk to someone else, let him be. Breathing room is the Gemini man’s aphrodisiac.

Source: Sexual Astrology, Image


2 Responses to “How to Seduce a Gemini Man”

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