How to Seduce a Leo Man

12 Aug

Tell me how great I am!

Leo men can be very Alpha. Seduce him in the following ways:

Every Leo man wants to be treated and revered as a king in their own right. When
you understand this as a need and not just a narcissistic quality, you can
seduce him.

Your pursuit and plan of action should be bold, big and dramatic. Put him
center stage. Shower him with devotion, respect and admiration and his
temperature will rise hotter than his ruler, the Sun!

The Leo man is looking
for the fairytale so to seduce him, prove you’re worthy of his royal treatment.
He’s a generous sign and will shower you with gifts but you’d better be prepared
to throw rose petals at his feet in appreciation if you ever want to seduce this

Admire his physique while you’re at it. A Leo man takes pride in his
appearance and your approval is stimulating. Never, ever wound his ego or
embarrass him in public. If you do, you’ll lock the door to his bedroom forever!

Source: Sexual Astrology, ImageĀ 


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